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 Introduction to Power Plant (QUT) - course description


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Introduction to Power Plant  (QUT)

Course Description:
This course provides an overview of the operation, performance and maintenance of large coal-fired boiler-turbine-generator plants, and introduces the student to the context for operating power plants of all types in competitive energy markets.
It is intended as an introduction to power station plant and systems. Coal-fired power plants typically consist of a water and steam cycle, fuel systems and control systems to optimize performance. A typical power station burns millions of dollars worth of fuel every week. Maximizing plant efficiency in the face of plant problems, operational requirements and changes in fuel supply can save thousands of dollars each week and reduce the environmental impact of power generation.

Trends toward renewable sources of electricity mean that alternative power generation technologies are gaining market share.  Electricity is a commodity being traded in a market, but unlike most other commodities it cannot be stored in any significant quantity. Understanding the context of the network and the electricity market is a crucial aspect of operating power plants. As gas plays a more significant role in the world’s energy mix, this impacts on the electricity market.
Course topics include:
·         Coal Handling Plant
·         Fuel Processing Plant
·         Draft Plant
·         Ash and Dust Plant
·         Boiler Water and Steam Components and Systems
·         Condensate and Feedwater Heating Systems
·         Burner Management and Boiler Automatic Control Systems
·         Turbine Plant
·         Generator Plant
·         Turbine and Generator Control and Protection Systems
·         Cooling Water Systems
·         The Steam and Water Cycle
·         Power Plant Thermal Performance and Efficiency Losses
·         Alternative Power Generation Technologies
·         Electricity and Gas Networks and Markets
·         Climate Change and Energy Markets
The course is taught in two separate sessions:
Session One: Students participate in a three day session at Tarong Power Station where they inspect all the major plant systems and conduct learning activities on the replica plant simulator.
Session Two: Students spend two days at QUT in Brisbane where they discuss energy market and climate change issues with senior industry executives, and compete in an energy market simulation that allows them to make (or lose!) a virtual $12 million in a day.
On completion of this course students will be able to:
·         Describe the systems in a typical boiler-turbine-generator plant.
·         Identify and compare other technologies used to generate electricity
        (alternatives to coal firing).
·         Identify the function of electricity markets and the implications for power
        station performance.
·         Monitor and maintain plant performance.
·         Identify and discuss the implications of climate change on power station
        selection, design and operation.


Continuing Professional Education (CPE) - $4400

Presenter/s: Mr Graham Proud
Course Coordinator: Professor Ted Steinberg
Course Coordinator email: t.steinberg@qut.edu.au
Course Coordinator phone: (07) 3138 5102
Delivery mode: Intensive
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